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Flip Notes
When you are a daily scribbler of little thoughts and ideas, or a listmaker like us you’ll love these fun notebooks. It’s always handy to have such a convenient sized notebook at hand. You can’t actually do without one, can you? Maybe you need one at your desk at home, one in the kitchen (those groceries!) and one at the office. And at least one to spare!

These colourful treasures are outfitted with tiny dots on the pages so you won’t fly off the rails with your writing. And it has a custom shaped cover to 'flip' open your booklet. Watch out that the balloons inside won’t fly away!

They're your notes now, write love letters, paint a masterpiece, fold an origami crane, doodle as if your life depends on it. Do whatever tickles your fancy. And then do it again, 100 carefully dotted pages long.

Description | Note bloc holding 100 dotted pages
Colour | Full colour double-sided cover
Paper | FSC
Size | 100 mm x 165 mm
Weight | 133 grams

Printed carbon neutral
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our products are packaged in plant-based materials and shipped to resellers in purpose sized boxes.


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