Pin | Oops | Soft enamel

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Pins carry your attitude. They are small tokens of your love for art, stationery or music. Pin them on your jacket or bag or on your cap if you have one. Be sure to make someone look.

This enamel accessory is outfitted with two 'pins' at the back, for maximum grip and stability. This way TIE won’t do summersaults all the time. Otherwise, he doesn’t know what is top or bottom anymore.

Be sure to remove the enamel pins before washing your garments or bag. TIE loves to swim, but he can get lost, and your garments might get damaged. We would certainly want to prevent such an event.

Description | Soft Enamel Pin with gold coloured backside and two studded pins
Colour | Blue & White
Size | 75 mm x 164 mm
Weight | 10 grams

Our products are packaged in plant-based materials and shipped to resellers in purpose sized boxes.

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