Maybe not so frequently asked

We just started so we haven't received that many questions yet. Below we tried to list questions we think you might have. For all questions not listed please email us at lab@pencilandtie.com We'll answer any questions you still have.

Yes we are.
We produce local. Print carbon neutral, use 100% plant based packaging and stay far away from plastics. We choose sustainable.

It means we work with production partners who have mastered their trade. True artisans. Well crafted products are just a joy. It's our conviction products made with love and attention and not just cost in mind are good for our souls. Love the craft.

Yes, we create stationery for creative people.
This doesn't mean art-directos and artists, it means people with a love for art, food, music, detail, colour and maybe life in general. So, a positive outlook and of course an interest in sustainable, colourful and well crafted stationery.

We created this note you fold upright and leave-it for someone else to relay a message or to just say something nice. If you're not that much of a writer you can draw as well _ _ _ _ _φ(..)

Pencil & TIE ® is set up to be a brand license for companies, distributors and agents who are interested in adding Pencil & TIE ® to their portfolio. Did we spark your interest? Send us an email or DM, and we'll send you our Creative License Playbook as an introduction to our license.

Did it again! :)

No, just kidding. Made you look is actually our mission statement. We're constantly trying to make you look. Look at colour, look at details, look at us! :) ~ Hi

We ship to Europe, UK and Japan with a flat rate for each region which will appear in your check-out. If you'd like to return your products you'll need to ship them to us on your own cost.

Please note! Due to Covid-19 and the British exit shipping to the UK will probably have a serious delay.

Here you go! ;)

Company name
Pencil & TIE ®

VAT Netherlands

Chamber of commerce the Netherlands

Address   Conradstraat 80F, 1018NK Amsterdam, The Netherlands (no visiting address)

ASN Bank   NL82 ASNB 0773 2818 43
Paypal.me pencilandtie

This is actually a question for you. Not the normal way around in a FAQ but hey. Let's try it.
We're looking for those beautiful, quircky, sustainable, independent, populair stores to sell our products anywhere in Europe, UK and/or Japan. If you have any friends, connections or ideas. Let us know.

Your questions

We'll ask your premission first but if we receive questions we really like they'll end up on this page for sure.