About us

We are Pencil & TIE ®; we create stationery products for all you creative people out there. With a lifelong love for stationery, many years of experience in design, and a fascination with Japan, we found the perfect match.

Yay for the planet
Our products are made with care and are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. For example, we print carbon neutral, use 100% plant-based packaging, and ship wholesale in purpose-sized boxes without any plastic tape. Yay for the environment, Yay for you, Yay for us!

Choose sustainable   Love the craft
Because we value artisanship, we are always looking for the best partners to produce Pencil & TIE stationery products. On top of knowing their craft and work sustainably, we also want to work with genuinely lovely people. We are just that lucky that we can tick all those boxes.

Our base is paper products, but we tend to produce the odd product or accessory made from other materials—no need to put a lid on creativity, right?

In the future, we hope to meet all kinds of interesting, creative, and friendly people who are eager to sell our products. We love to visit those boutique shops and grow our brand alongside them.

Feel free to contact us on any topic. Either through our Instagram account @pencilandtie or send an email to lab@pencilandtie.com

Thank you for your support.
Have a nice day!

♥  Team Pencil & TIE





日本から客様、今ウェブサイトが英語だけですが、未来にウェブサイトとメールも日本語で書くことが予定です。 よろしくお願いします。

♥  チーム Pencil & TIE

私たちはPencil & TIEラボです。世の中のあらゆるクリエイティブな方たちのために、文具製品を作っています。文具に対する変わらぬ愛、長年のデザイン経験、そして日本への熱い思いを込めた、完璧な組み合わせなのです。


私たちは職人の技術を高く評価しているので、Pencil & TIEの文具製品を作ってくださる最高のパートナー様を常に探しています。その職人技を知り、サステナブルな仕事をするだけでなく、私たちは本当に素敵な人々と仕事をしたいとも考えています。それが全て実現できている私たちは、本当に幸運に恵まれています。




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