Drinks wallpaper – Amsterdam

Multiple folders full of illustration of which just a few will meet you.  🙂 The ‘Drinks’ illustration is one of the lucky ones. We turned it into a pattern last week which we also fancy as a fun and colourful wallpaper for your mobile or tablet. > Get it < One size only so crop as you like. Okay, back to the LAB.

Product portfolio – Amsterdam

Working on the Pencil & TIE product portfolio. We’ve decided on some basics but also working on a few surprising gems. Not in the production fase anyway so we’re focussing on getting great samples. This way we are able to compare and make a final decision. Some ideas are better than others, obviously 🙂 Don’t worry, it’s fun. Received lots of samples already (see image). Let’s see which of these will make the cut.

Stationery Matters – London

April this year we went to London for the Stationery Matters Show. Had a look at the Launch Pad stands reserved for newcomers who get offered a free shot at meeting potential partners, buyers, distributors et cetera. We also had a good look at the diversity of stationery displayed, as the stands were filled with brands from all over Europe and beyond. Inspirational. We’ll definitely be back.


The journey

Here we’ll be posting on all things ‘Pencil & TIE’. Sharing our LAB stories with you so you can join us in our journey. Wherever that might be. We’ll see.