Who we are!?

Pencil & TIE stationery! We’re planning a worldwide desk takeover. Bringing a flash of colour and fun to your desk at home, work or while travelling.

Still a long way to go but we want you to come travel with us. So check the LAB stories section or come follow us on Instagram You’ll be able to see the progress as we shape Pencil & TIE’s Universe and release our first products.

Pencil & TIE

The fun and slightly lazy Pencil is a graphic designer living in Tokyo and busy, busy, busy. In his spare time he likes to just hang out at home, and probably take a bath. Japanese, what can we say. His studio at Hachiko Square is on the 33rd level and just big enough for Pencil’s desk but the view is fantastic in all seasons.

TIE is Pencil’s best friend. You could say Pencil’s one footed friend. They met at Hachiko Square where TIE was living in a green box at the time. Now he moved his box to Pencil’s home just outside the city center. Loyal, funny and a bit naughty at times. And yes… He’s a TIE.    ^_^

Our Products

Stationery is our core business we will definitely have a few notebooks for you to choose from. But we also like to give it a little extra. Extraordinary. So we will try to push the enveloppe (pun intended). We will try and set the bar. The reason our mission statement states ‘Made you look’. Hope we can surprise you.

Stationery LAB

With the experience we gathered as graphic design studio, a life long love for stationery and a fascination with all things Japanese now the time has come to combine all this and release our own stationery brand Pencil & TIE.

As you might have noticed we like it onefold. Biting our tongues not to list our influences and heroes but it’s safe to say we do our best for less.

Get in touch

We’re the new kid on the block and we’re looking for friends. We will get out there and try and find you but if you’re reading this now and you are interested in distributing or stocking our products please let us know.